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Lindsay Lohan joins forces with Miggs

Miggs -- Michael Lombardo, Don Miggs, Walker Adams

Miggs -- Michael Lombardo, Don Miggs, Walker Adams -- have roots in Bay Shore and Tampa, Fla. Their album "Wide Awake" was released in 2010. Credit: Rock Ridge Music

Strong Islanders stick together.

In one of her first post-house-arrest jobs, Lindsay Lohan will appear in the upcoming video for Miggs, led by Bay Shore native Don Miggs.

“We were thrilled to have Lindsay in our video,” Miggs said in a statement. “She is an extremely gifted actress with a great deal of charisma. Our music and her talent was a great match on-screen.”

Directed by Justin Purser, the Lohan and the band shot the video for “Let the Games Begin,” the second single from the Tampa-based band's “Wide Awake” (Rock Ridge Music) album, over three days earlier this month in Los Angeles. It is set to debut in mid-August.

Above, Miggs members Michael Lombardo, left, Don Miggs and Walker Adams

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