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Lionel Richie brings all his hits, charm to Jones Beach

Lionel Richie takes the stage at the Nikon

Lionel Richie takes the stage at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach in Wantagh on Wednesday, June 25, 2014. Credit: Randee Daddona

Lionel Richie wasn't kidding around when he named his tour "All the Hits, All Night Long."

For nearly two hours Wednesday night at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Richie and his five-piece band revived the mid-1980s, where everything "Mr. Outrageous" touched on had already turned to gold, or, more accurately, multiplatinum.

"We've been together a very long time," Richie said, adding jokingly, "When I was young, you were young. . . . When you got old, I stayed young."

It was a quick reminder of how Richie was always a personality almost as much as a singer. His Jones Beach appearance felt more like a Las Vegas show than a concert, as Richie clipped songs here and there to keep things moving, and filled every other moment with likable patter.

The best part of the show came when he opted to explain the stories behind three of his songs. "You want to tell the world you're in love," he said, introducing "Stuck on You." "Who're you gonna call?"

"Lionel Richie," screamed the well-prompted crowd.

"Damn right, you are," he said.

After all, he was known for channeling the feelings of the mainstream into hits throughout the '70s and '80s, including "We Are the World," which he dedicated to celebrate its co-writer Michael Jackson on the fifth anniversary of his death.

Though Richie's voice isn't quite as warm and full as it once was, he uses it well -- only part of his charm offensive that kept fans "Dancing on the Ceiling."

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