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Long Island's indie sound comes to life in 'Bridge and Tunnel' soundtrack

"Bridge and Tunnel" soundtrack on Glacier Road Productions.

"Bridge and Tunnel" soundtrack on Glacier Road Productions. Credit: Epic

The soundtrack to "Bridge and Tunnel" (Glacier Road) -- Jason Michael Brescia's tale of the life and loves of Long Island twentysomethings -- matches the movie's gritty, realistic feel by mostly using music written specifically for the project by some of the scene's biggest stars.

With Ryan Hunter, formerly of Envy on the Coast and NK, scoring the film, the contributions hang together well, even though they reflect the scene's diversity. Hunter bookends the soundtrack with his raw, acoustic indie-soul "My House Is an Empty White Box Too" and the sleek uptown-soul instrumental "Subways," which should raise expectations for whatever his next project will be.

Hunter then calls on friends for everything in between, crafting a cool-sounding mixtape that serves as a backdrop for the movie. Taking Back Sunday's John Nolan offers up the dreamy "Here Comes the Wolf," which already won best original song at the past Long Island International Film Festival and leans more toward his work with Straylight Run than his current band. Vinnie Caruana's "It's Been Way Too Long" takes the intensity from his I Am the Avalanche albums and applies it to the kind of stripped-down acoustic sing-along he delivers in his solo shows. Happy Body Slow Brain, featuring Matt Fazzi, formerly of Taking Back Sunday, takes the soundtrack in a more electronic direction with the lovely alt-R&B "Residue." Dan Pursino provides the raucous "Wild Hogs," which sounds like what would have happened if the Pogues were from Rockville Centre, while Giants at Large conjure up a '90s-styled mosh pit with "The Old Barman's Song."

Though the "Bridge and Tunnel" film is still making the rounds of the film festival circuit, the soundtrack has been available for sale digitally on iTunes and Amazon and streaming on Spotify. It will soon be available on vinyl including additional tracks from NGHBRS and Bayside. (For more information, go to


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