To celebrate its 20th anniversary as a band, New Found Glory is rolling out a new album, “Makes Me Sick” (Hopeless), and a new tour, which includes an appearance at the Great South Bay Music Festival.

The sound is familiar — catchy pop melodies layered over punk-influenced guitars, topped with Jordan Pundik’s ever-youthful vocals. The difference on “Makes Me Sick,” though, is the lyrical perspective.

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Time and time again, Pundik sings about changing your outlook on life.

In “Party on Apocalypse,” he chides a selfie-obsessed generation about their priorities while weaving in a bit of “It’s the End of the World As We Know It.” And in “Call Me Anti-Social,” he chronicles the idea of being bummed out about friends’ social media feeds when you’re too lazy to live your own life.

All these pop-punk anthems champion taking chances and evolving, growing into — gasp! — adults, without growing old. “I’m not the same fool that I used to be,” he sings in the pop anthem “Your Jokes Aren’t Funny.” And they do it with a skill that new bands usually can’t quite manage. It’s a skill that generally just comes with age.