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‘Makes Me Sick’ review: New Found Glory takes on risk

New Found Glory's

New Found Glory's "Makes Me Sick" on Hopeless Records Photo Credit: Hopeless Records


“Makes Me Sick”


BOTTOM LINE Making their pop-punk grow up without growing old

To celebrate its 20th anniversary as a band, New Found Glory is rolling out a new album, “Makes Me Sick” (Hopeless), and a new tour, which includes an appearance at the Great South Bay Music Festival.

The sound is familiar — catchy pop melodies layered over punk-influenced guitars, topped with Jordan Pundik’s ever-youthful vocals. The difference on “Makes Me Sick,” though, is the lyrical perspective.

Time and time again, Pundik sings about changing your outlook on life.

In “Party on Apocalypse,” he chides a selfie-obsessed generation about their priorities while weaving in a bit of “It’s the End of the World As We Know It.” And in “Call Me Anti-Social,” he chronicles the idea of being bummed out about friends’ social media feeds when you’re too lazy to live your own life.

All these pop-punk anthems champion taking chances and evolving, growing into — gasp! — adults, without growing old. “I’m not the same fool that I used to be,” he sings in the pop anthem “Your Jokes Aren’t Funny.” And they do it with a skill that new bands usually can’t quite manage. It’s a skill that generally just comes with age.

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