The real issue with Miley Cyrus' new "Can't Be Tamed" (Hollywood) album isn't how suggestively the 17-year-old is dancing or her midriff-baring, no-longer-a-girl pics. It's how confused she sounds.

When Cyrus is focused, as she is on the Ke$ha-riffic AutoTuned adventure "Permanent December" and the rebellious, if monotoned, Britney Spears-ish dance number "Robot," she's hard to resist. When she's wandering through a karaoke-grade version of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" or the loopy Jason DeRulo rip-off "Liberty Walk," where Cyrus raps, she's hard to take seriously.

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At this point, maybe she should still be tamed a little.


"Can't Be Tamed"