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'No Coast' review: Braid returns, triumphant

Braid's album

Braid's album "No Coast." Photo Credit: Topshelf Records

Let the Great Emo Revival continue! Braid, one of the genre's pioneers, is back with "No Coast" (Topshelf), its first album since 1998's "Frame and Canvas." By picking up where they left off, the Illinois band's combination of hard-core punk guitar virtuosity and emotional lyrics now sounds a little retro. "Put Some Wings on That Kid," even with its complicated rhythms, shows where Fall Out Boy came from. There's some Taking Back Sunday in "East End Hollows." But the anthemic "This Is Not a Revolution," mixing Modest Mouse and barely veiled rage about income inequality, shows Braid still has plenty of great new ideas.



"No Coast"


BOTTOM LINE The triumphant return of an emo pioneer.

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