When we last left Northport rock band Wheatus, One Direction had covered its 2000 hit, "Teenage Dirtbag," in the 1D live set. This month, Wheatus released a new single, "Only You," collaborating with drummer Josh Devine, 22, and bassist Sandy Beales, 23, from the 1D touring band.

"They grew up listening to 'Dirtbag' and rocked it at Jones Beach last summer," says Wheatus' lead singer-guitarist-songwriter, Brendan B. Brown, 40. "They even shouted me out from the stage. It was surreal."

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Brown hung out with the boys after the show and a musical connection was born. After one writing session, they had a song within a few hours.

"There's something special about this that Wheatus couldn't have done on its own," says Brown. "We caught the lightning a little bit."

"Only You" features full-throttle crunchy guitar mixed with a big drum sound reminiscent of the '90s.

The song was recorded at Wheatus' Northport studio while 1D was in town doing "Saturday Night Live" last December.

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"It's a wild rock track that got splattered out in two days," says Brown. "It just sort of snowballed."