They’ve mastered the treadmills. Now, OK Go has moved on to marching band maneuvers.
    With their charmingly simple new video, “This Too Shall Pass,” OK Go, along with a little help from the Notre Dame marching band, is set to go viral again. Is it kind of messed up that radio hasn’t already jumped on this great little pop song? Sure.
    But these days bands have to do what they can and after nearly 50 million views for its “Here It Goes Again” video on YouTube, that’s where a big chunk of their audience is. To add to to the buzz, they even set the new video up with a jokey YouTube apology that some folks have taken as real. Entrepreneurs that they are, the band is even selling the uniforms from the video at $100 apiece on their website.
    Hopefully, all this convinces some people to check out their great new album “Of the Blue Colour of Sky,” especially all its Prince-ly concoctions. But for now, it’s one eight-to-five step at a time.

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OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.