Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

On his new album, Jonsi lets himself 'Go'

The cover art of the debut solo album

The cover art of the debut solo album from J?nsi of Sigur R?s. to be released April 6, 2010. Credit: None/

For his solo debut "Go" (XL), Jonsi overturns a lot of what succeeds with his band Sigur Ros. First off, he sings mostly in English instead of the mix of Icelandic and made-up language he usually uses. He also lets loose more, especially in the bouncy "Go Do" and the jangly "Animal Arithmetic," rather than building beautiful, elaborate atmospherics, though the lovely "Grow Till Tall" comes close. In "Sinking Friendships," he even takes on a more traditional, Springsteenish rock opening, though that quickly flutters away, like so much of Jonsi's work.



BOTTOM LINE Sigur Ros frontman lightens up

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