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Pearl Jam's 'Mind Your Manners' is a hard-hitting new single

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs during the

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs during the Bridge School Benefit concert in Mountain View, Calif. (Oct. 24, 2010) Credit: AP

It's a weird twist in Pearl Jam's career that Eddie Vedder and friends seem to be getting more ornery as they age. The band's hard-hitting new single "Mind Your Manners" (Monkeywrench/Universal) sounds more like the Dead Kennedys than "Jeremy" or "Daughter." "Now the truth is coming out," Vedder rages over traditional hard-core punk riffs ground out by Stone Gossard and Mike McCready. "They've taken your innocence and then they throw them on a burning fire." It makes you wonder what other surprises Pearl Jam has planned for the upcoming "Lightning Bolt" album.

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