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Taking Back Sunday debuts emotional new video ‘Call Come Running’

Adam Lazzara stars in an emotional new Taking

Adam Lazzara stars in an emotional new Taking Back Sunday video. Credit: Getty Images / Duane Prokop

Tell all your friends, you’re going to need some tissues to watch the new Taking Back Sunday video for “Call Come Running” (Hopeless).

No, not to help clean up the Long Beach-based band’s bloodied lead singer Adam Lazzara, who developed a mystery affliction in the band’s last video, for “You Can’t Look Back,” and starts the new clip wandering around his North Carolina neighborhood looking for help. You’re going to need them for the end when Lazzara finally finds some help from an older man, played by his father, Phil, who takes him in and cares for him.

Cut to a reborn, rejuvenated Lazzara rising up from the ocean to see his actual family waiting for him on the beach. For a band that has always been purposefully obscure in its storytelling videos, the ending of the “Call Come Running” clip is remarkably straightforward and poignant. And it reflects the more candid songwriting on the rest of the recent “Tidal Wave” album.

Taking Back Sunday is in the midst of a European tour and will head off to Australia next month before playing a limited number of American festivals starting in April. Sources say there’s a good chance one of those festivals will be on Long Island.

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