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'The Voice': And Then There Were Six

Pictured: (l-r) Tyler McDermott, Cody Belew, Melanie Martinez,

Pictured: (l-r) Tyler McDermott, Cody Belew, Melanie Martinez, Nicholas David in "The Voice" -- "Live Show" Episode 320B Credit: NBC Tyler Golden

Trevin sweated, Nicholas rocked back and forth, and Melanie and Amanda embraced in the dramatic moments before Carson Daly announced which singers would be "saved by America" during last night's "The Voice." Unfortunately, those moments took up just a few minutes of the show, and the rest of the hour was packed with filler -- bland updates from the tweet room, boring group performances, a three-team reunion and, worst of all, pointless interviews with the four judges about how much they love their teams. The exception was a guest appearance by The Muppets and a ridiculous Cee Lo-Kermit duet.

Here's what happened:

1. Daly announces all eight finalists have charted on iTunes since the previous show. Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte, two of the most dynamic finalists, perform a glitzy version of Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night," pushing each other to absurd falsettos by the end. Adam Levine, in the night's only salient judge comment, mentions the "highly unnatural, bizarre competition that we're having." When the contestants stand in the firing line, weird beard dude Nicholas David is shown with a twirly hair bun.

SAVED BY AMERICA: Cassadee Pope, pretty, good singer, but too plain to win -- right?

2. Everybody on Cee Lo's team, as well as his last two "Voice" teams, are stoked for a reunion. They're super-stoked to perform with the Muppets. Miss Piggy appears and makes a vain comment about Christina Aguilera. Kermit and Cee Lo get down to business: a piano duet of "Bein' Green." Cee Lo is resplendent, green and awesome, in a floppy fedora-sunhat-combo, a mirrored vest and a wide smile, the only non-green visible part of him being his face and muscular, tattooed arms. It's surreal and beautiful, and afterward Fozzy does the only thing possible: mimes vomiting. Statler and Waldorf wish for "Voice"-style buttons on their chairs. Why? "So we could activate our ejector seats!"

SAVED BY AMERICA: Amanda, a safe choice who always knows what she's doing.

3. All the singers are asked about their pre-show rituals. Somehow, Cassadee is caught on camera saying, "Flatulence could send me home!" Blake Shelton almost one-ups her with "Vodka. Anything fried. 'The Golden Girls.' " Cody Belew, Melanie Martinez, Nicholas and Terry McDermott sit on stools and sing a nice, understated (rare for this show) version of Plain White T's "Rhythm of Love." We see a few seconds of Carson Daly bringing the Final Eight onto his Los Angeles radio show.

SAVED BY AMERICA: Baldwin’s Melanie, of the two-toned hair and distinctively spooky voice.

4. Dez Duron and Cassadee step into the Rihanna/Ne-Yo roles in a nothing-special version of "Hate That I Love You."

SAVED BY AMERICA: Nicholas, not only the show's oddball, but a sleeper pick, with a unique voice that's part Jack Johnson and part Van Morrison.

5. The remaining four contestants stand in a line. Trevin is sweating profusely. If this were "Broadcast News" or the 1960 JFK-Nixon debates, this characteristic would make him a sure loser. But he's too great a singer. "The Voice" teases out the drama. I predict floppy-haired Terry and falsetto man Cody for elimination, but Blake says, "I think America loves a Scottish accent -- I don't think you're going home." Blake is right. It's Cody and hunky Dez who get the Statler-Waldorf ejector seat. Team Xtina's final contestant is gone, a pathway for maximum diva sarcasm.

SAVED BY AMERICA: Queens' Trevin ("The Favorite") and Terry ("The Scottish Dude Who Needs a Haircut").

PHOTO: Tyler McDermott, Cody Belew, Melanie Martinez and Nicholas David perform on last night's episode of "The Voice"

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