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'The Voice' recap: Voting weirdness, Justin Rivers' exit

Justin Rivers performs in "The Voice" Top 16

Justin Rivers performs in "The Voice" Top 16 playoff round. He gets cut on May 8, 2013. Credit: NBC

The results from the first public vote on “The Voice” turned out weird.

The show brought out their vote accounting firm Telescope’s chief executive Jason George to say there were “inconsistencies” in the week’s voting data and that the text and online voting results were thrown out. However, Carson Daly said that “Telescope certifies that removing those votes did not affect the outcome for any team.”

Now, conspiracy theorists and lawyers would point to that wording and ask why “team” and not “contestant”? Basically, what the show is saying is that the three contestants from each team that advanced were the three who would have advanced regardless of the text and voting results. Let’s take them at their word.

However, if I was Justin Rivers on Team Blake, I’d have some questions. Holly Tucker, whose version of “How Do I Live” was a little wobbly compared to Rivers, was one of the top two vote-getters and immediately safe. Blake Shelton said the scenario “wasn’t one of them that I saw coming.” Then, he picked the Swon Brothers instead of the likable Rivers.

Aside from that, there weren’t many surprises in the rest of the Top 12.

TEAM SHAKIRA: The public chose Sasha Allen and Kris Thomas. Shakira chose Garrett Gardner to advance, leaving Karina Iglesias out.

TEAM USHER: The public chose Michelle Chamuel and, surprisingly, Vedo over Josiah Hawley, who Usher decided to save, leaving Cathia out.

TEAM ADAM: The public chose Judith Hill and Amber Carrington to continue. Adam Levine had a wrenching decision to make between Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser, as he was running out of time. “Adam, we’re going off the air in less than a minute,” warned host Carson Daly. Adam chose Sarah, with only seconds left before the show ended.

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