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'The Voice' Top 4 power rankings

"The Voice" Season 3 Final Four, from left:

"The Voice" Season 3 Final Four, from left: Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte. Credit: NBC

    It's weird how “The Voice” gets almost anticlimactic the closer it gets to its finale.
    With only four singers left, the show shrank to one hour for performance night for the first time this season and even that felt a little bloated. Shouldn't the Final Four get to sing more than one song to see who makes it to the finals? Or is this Howie Mandel game show really that important to NBC?
    Maybe it's for the best. Everyone in the Final Four stumbled a bit in their performances, though no one worse than Queens' Trevin Hunte, who may have hit the end of the line.
    Hunte's ill-advised “Wind Benath My Wings” started off likable and got stronger, but then truly went off the rails at the end, as he went off-key and then shouted in order to try to bring it back, which only made matters worse.
    After helping his team all season, coach Cee Lo Green stumbled when he gave Hunte the Bette Midler song, making the teenager sound older and blander than he really is.
    Green's choice of “You Are So Beautiful” for Nicholas David, which David apparently didn't agree with, was also a bad move. David has an interesting voice, one that could land him a career like Ray LaMontagne or Amos Lee. Trying to shove him into a '70s soul dude box isn't going to win this show – or an audience afterward.
    Coach Blake Shelton didn't fare much better with his choices. Cassadee Pope wants to be the next Avril Lavigne and her fans love her for it. Why Shelton gave her Keith Urban's “Stupid Boy,” an incredible song that loses its effectiveness with a female singing it, is anyone's guess. The song works better when the guy realizes he's acted stupidly in his relationship, rather than having a woman point out his errors. Of course, it doesn't really matter in the long run since Pope sold it and made it work, but why create drama? Is Shelton trying to hold her back so it won't be so obvious that she's going to win? Or does he just want to give Terry McDermott a fighting chance?
    After all, he gave McDermott “Let It Be,” which really raises the question of why everyone doesn't try to sing Beatles songs on this show. Aside from some flubs in the middle, McDermott (and his backing choir) brought the classic home well, building the best performance of the night. Whether the world needs another pretty faithful version of this when, you know, we still have the original, is another matter entirely.

Terry McDermott, “Let It Be”
Cassadee Pope, “Stupid Boy”
Nicholas David, “You Are So Beautiful”
Trevin Hunte, “Wind Beneath My Wings”

TOP 3: Cassadee, Terry, Nicholas

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