Always tweeting? Love music? There's a hashtag for that.

The new Twitter #Music service (available at and separate from the main microblogging site) will let the site's hundreds of millions of users find and listen to songs that are being talked about -- in 140 characters or less, of course -- on the social networking site. iPhone users can get the app through iTunes.

The #Music service shows users what's trending on Twitter and the groups you follow. There are four pages to #Music.

POPULAR shows what's trending across the site. "Never Should Have," from Glen Cove's Ashanti, was No. 3 for a while last week.

EMERGING offers "hidden talent found in tweets."

SUGGESTED hints at what artists you might like (you need to sign in for this).

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#NOWPLAYING shows what people you follow are listening to and tweeting about.

Happy hunting, tweeps.