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Good Afternoon

VIDEO: Eminem and Rihanna "Love the Way You Lie"

You didn't think Eminem was gonna make it easy to like him again, did you?

His new single "Love the Way You Lie" is his best song in years, despite (because of?) its controversial subject matter and the way it offers love as an explanation for domestic violence. "Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano," Em rhymes, as if hitting your loved one is some sort of natural disaster and not a choice to commit an act of violence. To gin up the controversy, he brings in Rihanna, a victim of domestic violence herself, to sing the hook about liking "the way it hurts" and wander through the video in short shorts.

Oh the video! It stars sexy Megan Fox and shirtless Dominic Monaghan (Chahhleee!) as a volatile couple who like to mix it up and fight too! They practically act out the lyrics, even possibly setting their house on fire in a possibly murderous rage, as Eminem may or may not advocate at the end of the song. It's all one glorious, glamorous, oddly intentioned mess -- sure to stir up controversy again, when it's really unnecessary. The song's already a hit, why amp up the discussion with an inflammatory video when a more mature one would do? Right. One word: Eminem.

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