No American rocker was happier about the U.S. Soccer Team’s advance into the knockout round of the World Cup than Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo.

    He loves the team so much he penned their unofficial anthem, “Represent,” with characteristic Weezer power-pop guitars and uncharacteristically straightforward lyrics –  “It matters how you play the game/It matters that you can take the pain/You don’t want to lie, steal and cheat your way to the top” – that culminate in “It matters whether you win or lose.”

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    “I was immersed in soccer culture from a very early age – even though I was in America,” Cuomo said in an interview with the U.S. Soccer Team’s website. “I wanted to be a soccer player. Things turned out differently.”

    But that doesn’t mean his love of the game has diminished. Cuomo, who was born during the 1970 World Cup, says he still tries to play soccer weekly when he can.

    With “Represent,” Cuomo said he wanted to show his support and help in any way he could. “I wanted to write something with more attitude,” Cuomo said. “Hopefully, it’s fun for the fans and maybe even the players will listen to it and get pumped up.”

    No word on whether Cuomo’s pal Landon Donovan, who scored the winning goal against Algeria to push Team USA to the next round, listened to the song before the game, but Cuomo says the experience with “Represent” has been so good, he’s already looking to write another song for 2014.