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You, too, can own U2's 'claw' stage

Perhaps this will go with your backyard gazebo?

On July 30, when U2's "360 Tour" finally ends in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, you will have a chance to buy the massive stage -- all 28,287 square feet of the structure affectionately known as "the claw" (yeah, this sucker is so big it has its own website,

Designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, the stage was used in more than 110 concerts in 78 cities in 30 countries, according to a statement from Panther Management, which is handling the sale. Here are some ideas for usage:

At a world exposition or Olympic Games, this is an attention-grabbing, high-profile structure that also claims a unique piece of history.

As an exhibition hall, the complex could be fitted with multiple floors and ceilings anywhere from 10 to 100 feet.

As a prebuilt, engineered enclosure, the structure is easily transportable, requires minimal installation time and has proved to be extremely rugged and dependable.

Still interested? Email your intentions to Of course, you may want to check in with your local municipality first.

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