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Nick Cannon, the comic, comes to Levittown

Nick Cannon is one busy guy. In addition to hosting "America's Got Talent," writing and directing his upcoming comedy film, "School Dance," recording music and DJing his radio show, "Cannon's Countdown," Cannon rocks the mic as a stand-up comedian. (Not to mention being the father of twins with his wife, Mariah Carey.)

Last year, Cannon suffered from multiple health issues, but he didn't let that hold him back. When he takes the stage Wednesday at Governor's in Levittown, he'll surely show why he's a star in his own right.

You are very candid onstage. Do you get any heat for that?

Not really. Being a stand-up, you can say whatever you want. A lot of times, people don't expect me to have the opinions or the views that I have because they only know me from TV or the movies. But I never hold my tongue. I enjoy surprising people with that.

How do you juggle doing comedy, radio, TV, music and film?

I love what I do so much, I just consider it all under the same umbrella of entertainment. It doesn't seem like a bunch of jobs to me. It's one career that I'm moving forward. Doing stand-up just sharpens me for any avenue.

How much of your stand-up show is improvised?

I learned this from Dave Chappelle . . . you have a basic blueprint of what you are going to talk about, then every time you are onstage, you look to present that in a different way. That's what makes it fun for me.

Last year, you had two blood clots, an enlarged heart ventricle and kidney issues. How are you feeling; did it change your outlook on life?

I'm feeling great now, but it was scary. When you have a life-threatening situation, it gives you a happy-to-be-alive perspective. I don't take stuff too seriously, and it makes you realize what's important.

How do you deal with the paparazzi being in your life?That's part of the game. I don't evade the paparazzi or say, "No comment." I treat it as improv. I want them to ask me the tough questions, because I want to see what I can bounce back and give them. I play along with it. There's nothing they could ask me that would throw me off.

Is Mariah cool with you talking about your relationship onstage?

Probably not, but it's one of those things. She understands that I'm a comic. I do go too far sometimes, but that's the beauty of being a comic and having an understanding wife. I think she would rather me not talk about the stuff I talk about, but she gets over it. That's part of being married.

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