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When the lights go out in a movie theater, the show is about to begin. But before the movie you paid to see starts, you're hit in the face with previews of movies you may pay to see in the near future.

And then what do you do? You turn to the people you're with and analyze the trailer. Somehow, in those two minutes or so, you've made up your mind on whether or not you'll see the movie.

Welcome to my Wednesday morning. I just uploaded 12 new trailers to our site for your enjoyment. Then, I thought, "Wait, watching all 12 of these trailers before I upload them is just like watching previews in the movie theater, only I have no popcorn, the lights are on and my neighbor's cell phone wasn't silenced."

So, I decided to do what we all do after watching previews: Make a quick decision about each movie. Below, I have ranked the 12 trailers in the order in which I'm most likely to see the movie in theaters. My impressions were based solely on what was seen in the trailers (one viewing only), and my opinions and past movie experiences with the actors shown. Just like in the theaters. Enjoy the list, click the movie title to watch the trailer then share your comments.

Movie  Release Date Comment
"Megamind"  Nov. 5 An animated movie that actually looks interesting for older folks. Thank you, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt.
"Unstoppable"  Nov. 12 There's a runaway train threatening to destroy a city. Thank God Denzel is here to save the day. He doesn't make bad movies.
"Jackass 3D"  Oct. 15 The Memorex commercial spoof turned stunt is quite hilarious.
"I'm Still Here"  Sept. 10 Is Joaquin Phoenix crazy or a briliant actor?
"Paranormal Activity 2"  Oct. 22 Don't like scary movies like this, but the trailer is goose-bump inducing even for softees like me.
"Love and Other Drugs"  Nov. 24 Jake Gyllenhaal plays a playa/Viagra sales rep until he meets Anne Hathaway.
"Morning Glory"  Nov. 12 Han Solo becomes a morning show host? Ick. But at least he's surly about it.
"Easy A"  Sept. 17 Liked it better when it was called "Can't Buy Me Love."
"Yogi Bear"  Dec. 17 Aimed at kids, of course, but it could be funny for those of us who remember the cartoons.
"Buried"  Sept. 24 The trailer shows us nothing but gives us one question: If Ryan Reynolds is buried alive, how the heck does he get cell phone reception?
"Legendary"  Sept. 10 Sorry, John Cena. Please don't beat me up.
"Skyline"  Nov. 12 Oh good, another movie about aliens attacking.




If you don't see the trailer for a movie you're interested in, there's a good chance we already uploaded it. Scroll through our movie trailer video player here and see.

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