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Pet Rock Film Festival 5

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Still from "Green Lantern" trailer. Credit: Handout

The fifth installment of the Pet Rock Film Festival features a grieving couple, a re-imagined fairy tale, Ryan Reynolds as a superhero and Jake Gyllenhaal in a sci-fi body-switching drama, among others.

The PRFF guidelines are simple. We treat it like a trip to the movie theater.

We watch the trailers once and then formulate an opinion about the movie based on what we see, whom we see and other generalizations based on our knowledge and moviegoing preferences. In other words, we pretend we're watching the previews before a feature film at the theater.

Click the links below to watch the trailers, then vote for which movie looks most promising.

Movie Release Date Comment
"The Company Men" Dec. 10, 2010 Timely in this economic crisis, but with an explosive cast.
"Rabbit Hole" Dec. 17 A couple goes downhill after the death of their child. Probably very, very good, but hardly the happy holiday season experience.
"Family Guy: It's a Trap!" Dec. 21 Hilarious, even for non-fans of the "Family Guy" show. Available as digital download.
"The Illusionist" Dec. 25 May be a critically acclaimed movie but the trailer is exceptionally weak.
"Every Day" Jan. 14, 2011 Unhappy husband may or may not stray with co-worker. Ugh. But, hey, Carla Gugino is the co-worker.
"The Mechanic" Jan. 28 This has nothing to do with wrenches or oil changes and everything to do with continuing to mold Jason Statham into a big-time action movie hero.
"Red Riding Hood" March 11 "Twilight" with Amanda Seyfried and Shiloh Fernandez rather than K-Stew and R-Pattz.
"Born To Be Wild" April 8 Morgan Freeman narrarates this documentary about wild animals. 'Nuff said.
"Source Code" April 15 An outrageous principle to hang on a movie on, but it does seem rather interesting to watch and imagine.
"Green Lantern" June 17 Ryan Reynolds saves the universe for us in the next comic-book superhero franchise. We prefer to see it for Blake Lively.
"Cowboys and Aliens" July 29 James Bond, err Daniel Craig, and Han Solo, oops Harrison Ford, in an 1800s Western involving an alien invasion. Umm, uh, er.



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