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Pet Rock Film Festival 6

Screengrab from "The Beaver," starring Mel Gibson and

Screengrab from "The Beaver," starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. Credit: Handout

The sixth installment of the Pet Rock Film Festival features guilt-free sex (times two), new blockbusters in major film franchises, robots in the boxing ring and Mel Gibson communicating with the help of a beaver hand puppet, among others. And yes, you read "The Beaver" synopsis correctly.

The PRFF guidelines are simple. We treat it like a trip to the movie theater.

We watch the trailers once and then formulate an opinion about the movie based on what we see, whom we see and other generalizations based on our knowledge and moviegoing preferences. In other words, we pretend we're watching the previews before a feature film at the theater.

Click the links below to watch the trailers, then vote for which movie looks most promising.

Movie Release Date Comment
"Somewhere" Dec. 22, 2010 A tween moves in with her movie star dad. This will likely be hauntingly beautiful - what we expect from  Sofia Coppola. The Phoenix soundtrack doesn't hurt.
"No Strings Attached" Jan. 21, 2011 BFFs start sleeping together. Who will cave in first and admit their romantic feelings? We're surprised to see Natalie Portman in a Rom Com.
"The Rite" Jan. 28 Driven by a Vatican cover-up, this looks a lot like "DaVinci Code," plus exorcisms, of course.
"Hall Pass" Feb. 25 Married dudes are granted a week of freedom by their too-kind wives. Can they score? We doubt it.
"Jane Eyre" Feb. 25 This classic novel was a snore-fest in high school English class. The movie looks about as good.
"Scream 4" April 15 The original cast is back, plus some young up-and-comers. We'll see this. And scream like crazy.
"Jumping the Broom" May 6 Two African-American families - one rich, one not so much - are brought together with a wedding. Meh.
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" July 1 Wait, the transformers were on the moon? And we're just finding out now? Major blockbuster alert.
"Real Steel" Oct. 7 Boxing gets a new look when robots start fighting. Hugh Jackman is sexy, but this looks ridiculous.
"The Beaver" TBA Mel Gibson is a depressed dad. Then he starts talking through a beaver hand puppet. Strange premise. Could this possibly be his comeback?


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