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Pottermore accounts hit eBay

British author J.K. Rowling announces her new website

British author J.K. Rowling announces her new website project Pottermore at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. (June 23, 2011) Photo Credit: AP

"Harry Potter" movies have brought in big bucks at the box office, and now Pottermore, an online site where author J.K. Rowling will post free Potter-related stories and topics, has also been generating revenue  — on eBay.

Pottermore will not be open to the general public until October, though some fans have been able to gain early access to the website by playing the "Magical Quill" game, running from July 31 through Aug. 6.

Here's how it works: Clues are provided, and those who are successful in finding the quill can try to register for an account. There's no guarantee that registration will be successful because only a set number of accounts are allocated each day.

Some of those who have snagged accounts have been selling them on eBay. Auction prices ranging from $1 to $100 are up for bid, despite the free access and registration for users. Only 1 million accounts are available for early registration.

On the Pottermore Insider blog, a statement was posted advising users to stop selling or buying accounts:

Obtaining Beta registration for Pottermore with the intent of selling on those registration details for monetary gain not only deprives genuine fans the chance to gain early access, it is also expressly prohibited in The Magical Quill promotion Terms & Conditions.

We have the right to terminate any Pottermore accounts that are sold online.

Access to Pottermore is, and always will be, completely free so please don't be tempted by people selling Pottermore accounts online. You will only be wasting your money — and there are still more clues and chances to come!


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