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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Crazy' isn't so crazy after all

When things look dire for Hanna, the Liars

When things look dire for Hanna, the Liars must turn to Mona to help their friend out, in "Crazy." Credit: ABC FAMILY

Ah and maybe Mona isn't SO crazy after all – OK, I mean obviously she's nuts but it seems she still cares about Hanna's safety this week.

Before I obsess over the Mona-drams though, there are a few other things that need to be said.

First, Wilden is a creep, there are no two ways about it. He's been essentially stalking each of the Liars (Aria and Emily will be up next no doubt), visiting Hanna this week at her house demanding DNA to compare against what they found on Ali's anklet (Totally called that one of them was going to get framed with that by-the-way...).

Speaking of Wilden, is it just me or has he been inappropriately flirty with Hanna the past few times that he's stalked her. Weirdo. Moving along.

It's interesting to me that Toby's hesitant about Garrett's guilt (honestly, I am too at this point). I wonder if Spencer's overwhelming confidence in Garrett being Ali and Maya's killer will push them apart. We'll have to see I guess.

The writers introducing new characters week after week is becoming a bit dizzying, and I'm assuming it's an attempt to throw us off the trail of the “real” A as they're all just shady enough to seem like they could play a part.

As if on cue, enter Cece, a former friend of Ali's who dated Jason, stage right. This girl knows a little bit too much about the Liars and conveniently, Ali never mentioned Cece to the girls, so they are just as lost as we are. And YES, Aria, her resemblance to Ali is unnerving to me as well.

P.S. Spencer, your timeline of Ali's life pre-death is beginning to freak me out just a little careful or you may end up sharing a room at Radley with Mona.

Much of the episode centered on Hanna and this voodoo Ouiji board flashback that seemingly brought out Ali's ghost (before her body was discovered that is).

I kinda feel bad for Hanna finding out what happened that made Mr. DiLaurentis hate her, I mean I don't blame him, but really Ali was a sneaky bitch in life and death so how was Hanna to know what to make of her appearance? Call me crazy but I probably would've called my missing friend's parents too.

Aria visits Mona to get answers about which A is trying to hurt Hanna and Mona states that it “isn't her” very matter-of-factly. Skip a few scenes forward, and Aria's reconnaissance mission wasn't good enough for Han so instead they break in and end up tracking down Mona in the abandoned children's ward. Can we say creepy?

Gotta hand it to the crazy girl, that speaking in codes concept is pretty ingenious, though it took Hanna long enough to figure out what was going on.

Code cracked and Liars all together, they discover that Mona led them to Maya's password protected website. Thanks Mona, but what about that “magic word” now?

Rounding things off, we finally get a worthwhile A-scene again where A is in the children's ward at Radley (is there no where that's safe from A's prying eyes and ears?) and decapatates a doll to reveal a voice recorder that taped the entire conversation between Mona and the Liars.

Maybe crazy Mona was right to talk in codes after all, though it seems that it wasn't just to keep things from Aria. Touché loony, touché.

I wonder what Maya was hiding on that little website of hers, and what it will mean for the Liars.

As always, only time will tell.

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