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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Dead to Me' raises the dead

As the girls say goodbye to Alison again,

As the girls say goodbye to Alison again, new information is dug up, in "Dead to Me." Credit: ABC Family

This week, the Liars each had their own personal revelations, helping to move the season and the episode along.

Spencer's wallowing over Toby, and while I get it — she's heartbroken, he's the villain, she's torn between loving him and hating him — it's also a bit more of the pathetic act than I'm comfortable with seeing out of her.

She's coughed up some major cash to have Toby followed and wouldn't you guess, the expensive P.I. found the lock to the “A” key for her.

I'm not exactly sure what Spencer was hoping to see behind the door, but it's pretty safe to assume that the result was not at all what she was expecting. The tattered remains of photographs and the rest of A's hurriedly packed-up apartment effectively confirms Spencer's, and fans', worst fears.

This girl is quickly turning into a ticking time bomb and, oh boy, am I excited to watch as she goes boom.

Hanna and Caleb go to empty his aunt's house and meet his Uncle Jamie there.

Let me just say this, “Uncle Jamie,” yeah right. I am not buying that. I put my money early into this scene on Jamie-boy being Caleb's father. Seems Hanna has the same thought. You know what they say about great minds.

Wesley also made an appearance this episode, and it seems that the both he and Aria are camping out at Ezra's apartment while he's off playing daddy. Their ease with one another is actually kind of nice, and I have a feeling that we'll be seeing more quality time with the two of them. I just wonder how Ezra will feel about that when he comes back .?.?.

The last, and probably most important revelation for any of the Liars comes from Emily. Just a few things on this: I DO NOT like Dr. Sullivan. Period, the end. I just don't. There's something all too suspicious about her. I'm glad Emily left before really telling her anything.

Secondly, of course, Emily didn't kill Ali, but which A-team member was with her on that night and who oh who is the blonde in the red coat?

I absolutely adored Hanna posing the idea that the mysterious red coat was in fact Ali herself (possibly because more and more I'm believing it's true).

In this week's A-scene, A's doing some serious boozing .?.?. drowning away some sorrows, Toby, or maybe another A-teamer is throwing his or her own little party?

As always, only time will tell.

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