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Pretty Little Liars recap: 'She's Better Now'

With all eyes in Rosewood looking at Aria,

With all eyes in Rosewood looking at Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, the girls are forced to seek help in "It's Alive," the season two premiere of "Pretty Little Liars." Credit: ABC FAMILY

Shee'sss back! It's “Mona 2.0” – and her "return" has the Liars' tight-knit framework coming apart at the seams in no time flat. Doesn't take much to stir up the attitudes and bickering matches with these girls, does it?

I can't say that I blame Aria for being irritable about her dad, or Spencer for constantly doubting and second-guessing everyone/everything. I even sympathize with Emily being over their typical "every new character with something to hide is suspect numero uno" routine.

What I really cannot understand, though, is Hanna maintaining any semblance of a friendship with Mona. Honestly, the girl puts the "Looney" in Looney Tunes. I don't know, maybe Mona breaking into Hanna's house in the middle of the night should be a tip off that "she's not better now."

Speaking of Mona, what is Harold the innkeeper from the Lost Woods Resort (you know, A's creepy hideout where the girls went before the masquerade ball) doing at the Liars' school? I'm not gonna lie, his relationship with Mona makes me pretty uneasy, especially when according to Caleb's hacking skills she BEGGED to come back.

Not to mention the fact that Harold definitely had that creepy baby scarecrow mask. Sorry, but that thing gives me the heebie-jeebies. 

I can almost guarantee that this is not the last we will see of Mona and her involvement with the A-team. Take for example the, we'll say, fiery situation she is creating between Aria and Byron. Come on, we all KNOW that was Mona (and maybe Jason, too, since they're suddenly allies?).

While I hate to admit it, Garrett's ominous warning about Byron seems to have had some weight to it after all. He is completely creepy when Aria presses him on the Ali front, and there's some strange standoff that occurs, leaving Aria clearly suspicious of her father. 

Things to think about: It seems like for at least for a while Aria is going to be the one in A's crosshairs, never mind facing her dad's impending wrath. The jury's still out on Toby; he seems to always be there (I'd expect nothing less from an A-teamer) but whether his deceit is for good or bad remains to be seen.

Also, Mona and Jason's budding friendship has bad news written ALL over it. And is it just me or does that look more like a screwdriver stab wound than a burn on Jason's side? I think so.

I can only imagine the twists and turns that lie ahead for the Liars, but as always, only time will tell.

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