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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Single Fright Female'

Spencer learns about Paige's shocking past with Ali,

Spencer learns about Paige's shocking past with Ali, but is Emily ready to listen to what her friends have to say, in "Single Fright Female." Credit: ABC FAMILY

“We needed proof and we got it,” Spencer confidently tells Hanna this week, procuring the missing earring from Ali's coffin out of Paige's bag. This presumably convicts her of being A – or at least part of the goon squad. Unfortunately, I'm not convinced.

I could be wrong, but it's too forced. Paige's being a member of the A-team would be too easy, a cop-out if you will. While there doesn't seem to be a clear explanation for the earring, I'm fairly confident we should all still be looking elsewhere for clues to who our key suspects really might be.

A lot of this episode centered on Paige's past in regard to Ali, and I'm glad to have gotten some clarity on that topic. I do have to say, Ali was amazingly good at being cruel to people – it never ceases to amaze me how these girls were ever friends with her.

Despite the fact that “Pigskin” came clean about her feud with Ali, there's still a lot of uncertainty around her, and I don't blame the girls for being suspicious. This girl has been anything but transparent with Emily throughout their relationship, though I don't think her role in this season is completely done yet. We'll see next week.

A spooked Jenna tries to warn Emily about “her friend,” and being more careful about who she spends time with, but I'm not sure that she's necessarily talking about Paige. Jenna's departure (she left in a taxi with her bags packed) would (logically anyway) have something to do with her feeling threatened. But who does she fear?

On a seemingly related note, Nate showed a bit of a previously unseen crazy side tonight. His pursuit of Emily, and subsequent childish fit, despite her preference in partners, gave us a first glimpse into what could be his true nature.

Take into account these scenes: Nate was calm and happy as he slung his arm around Emily – only to flip immediately to anger once she turned him down. Then when Hanna revealed that Jenna “faked” being blind, Nate again had an outburst, this time toward Jenna, and that notably bothered her. It would seem that pleasant Nate is M-I-A, leaving this alter-ego in his place. Hopefully next week will give more answers on him.

Minor other things from this week: Hanna's mom cuddling up with the pastor is cute; I'm hoping that relationship is allowed to grow before A interferes. When will Aria tell Ezra about his son, considering that Maggie doesn't seem to think it's a priority? Hm, like she said, the longer she waits, the bigger the lie.

This week's A-scene confirms what we already knew, A is not alone, and this time it really is a team effort.  But what's that music they picked from the jukebox, and what was Ezra trying to play at his birthday party?

Looking forward to the finale (can you believe it, because I can't): Things are NEVER what they seem on this show, so we shouldn't be so quick to convict Paige (though Spencer and Hanna certainly are). Caleb sneaked in to the dressing room to talk to Hanna, so did he also sneak the snake into Spencer's dressing room? I'm just saying – he really didn't explain how he got in there.

Jenna's warning was extremely nonspecific, so we should consider who she spends time with that the other Liars don't; that may be where the answer to the A question lies. Lastly, Ezra's been moody lately, so I'm curious to see how he reacts to Aria's visit to Maggie and his son.

As always, only time will tell. 

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