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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Stolen Kisses'

Spencer and Emily are looking for answers, while

Spencer and Emily are looking for answers, while Aria stumbles onto answers about Ezra's past in "Stolen Kisses." Credit: ABC FAMILY

Ah, Mr. Fitzgerald, sir, how do you take your tea? I must say, "Stolen Kisses" has stolen a bit more than just that, grabbing my attention and upping the intrigue that is “Mr. Fitz.”

And can I just add, holy mother has Ezra been keeping A TON of secrets from Aria (and the rest of us)! That is quite a bit of money we're talking about, and one hell of a mother, never mind the art collection.

It's an interesting turn to see Mr. Fitz's family being brought into the story line, and then threatening one of our beloved Liars. Though I am curious to see just how much Ezra's mother would've paid to get rid of Aria. Money does talk, you know.

Aria believing that she's ruining Ezra's life is a bit disheartening, but then again she probably is. Considering that he has no job and refuses, as Emily pointed out, to reach out to his über rich family for help, it's not really too far a stretch. Oh well, such is the case for our star crossed lovers.

Speaking of, we've gained another destined-to-fail romance for Emily in Paige.

What? Do we actually think the writers are going to give Emily the chance to have love and make it work? She's 0-2, so my money is on that either A will kill Paige off or scare her off. Pick your poison.

It was a bit off-putting to find out that Paige had seen Emily on “that night” and is only just speaking up about it now. Stolen kisses or not, she realized Emily had no memory of the evening and should've spoken up. Not a good start, Paige.

Caleb's back and like clockwork, the Liars have been given a computer-/hacking problem that they can't solve themselves. No worries, Caleb agrees to help Spencer crack Maya's website.

I have to say, seeing Caleb in some new expensive threads, rolling around in a Mercedes and enjoying the finer things in life really is a nice change. It was even fun to watch Spencer tease him about having to send clothes out for dry cleaning, and his apparent surprise at the thought that he might be one of “those people” now. Ha.

Caleb magics his way into the website, exposing a video diary of Maya's life, thoughts and private times with Emily. It kind of is a bit unnerving, so I get why all the Liars were more than a little apprehensive about perusing through it without Emily there.

Mona's pending move to a newer high-security facility in New York has A's fingerprints all over it, and Wren convinces Hanna that she should petition the doctors to forgo the move, which surprisingly works. Doubt this would legitimately work in real life, but whatever.

I'm still not 100% sure about Wren, and I got that, “Spencer who? I'm all about Hanna now” vibe from him Tuesday night. Weirdo. What is it with these girls and WAY older guys?

Thinking about things going into next week, it really is high time that we see Garrett again. Aria and Spencer found out about the theater employee who saw Maya get into the patrol car with him on the night of her death after all, so maybe Officer Reynolds should explain himself a bit.

And in what is perhaps a bit of foreshadowing, this week's A-scene is A collecting a rather large sum of money and depositing it into a zip pouch. Hm, wonder what that will be for.

As always, only time will tell. 

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