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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'That girl is poison' is overly intoxicating

"That Girl Is Poison" - Jenna's extravagant birthday party seems to be too good to be true and Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer think something else might be up - especially when it turns out that Garrett is getting a pass out of jail to visit his ailing mother on the same night. The timing can't just be a coincidence; the Liars are convinced it all has to do something with "A." With Emily getting an insiders' view working the party, Aria working the crowd as a party-goer and Spencer staked out at the hospital, what could go wrong? The answer is - everything. Meanwhile, Hanna's wallowing through heartbreak leads her to a shocking discovery. Credit: ABC FAMILY

OK, I would love for someone to tell me why in nearly every episode this season, the PLL's have a moment of clarity, an epiphany if you will, allowing them to realize that their lies and secrets could in fact get them arrested.

Yet for some unknown reason, they never come clean with any of their transgressions? Oh well, it was a pipe dream at best, so we'll just have to leave it alone.

The whole scenario of Garrett's mother being brought to the hospital and his being allowed to visit her at the same time that Jenna comes clean about her “miraculous” sight and then celebratory birthday party all occurring at the same time is just too much a coincidence. The Liars were definitely right to question it as something that had the A-team's fingerprints on it.

Speaking of that bizarro party, WHAT is with all the crazy/funky hats? Does Jenna suddenly think that she's a British royal or something? Anyway, I digress.

Despite a lack of obvious meddling on A's part, Emily's on-again, off-again love interest Paige (Lindsey Shaw) bears the brunt of the crazed A-team's anger tonight, and disregarding her misfortune, it's revealing in a few ways.

First, she's still in love with Emily.  This is blatantly obvious when she gets jealous of Nate, Maya's cousin. Secondly, Emily's flask was drugged that night at Spencer's house. This explains her inability to remember anything, but the question, of course, is not WHY so much as BY WHOM?

I've come to realize that the catalyst of this season happened in the first episode. The Liars' graveside episode was clearly the center of everything moving forward for the girls thus far, and honestly I don't see it coming to a close anytime soon. Whatever.

Hanna, stuck at a church clothing drive for essentially the entire episode, does manage to play a critical part in discovering Emily's jacket from the grave night. It had to have been stolen somewhere between there and Spencer's house.

“A” really is in overdrive this episode trying to dig claws into each Liar whether or not they're all together.

The only possible development from that night, and its consequential photographs, comes by way of Lucas and his former employer. He was stealing equipment and developing his own work, so bye-bye Lucas and hello opportunity for Aria.

Lucas, by the way, is making me believe more and more that he is playing a MUCH larger role in the A-team than we have been led to believe before. I'd like the jury to examine exhibit A, where Ezra interrupts an unsettling scene of Lucas vs. Aria. I wonder who would have won that battle?

Surprisingly enough, this week's A-scene is not my favorite of the night. Shocking, I know. Instead, Aria holding the sleeping drugs that Lucas presumably used to drug Emily's flask takes the prize for biggest impact.

Instead, this week's A-scene is a boring rummaging through Maya's purse procuring a new bottle of pills. Though, this does confirm that A messed with, if not killed, Maya. But hey, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that we all already knew that.

I'll leave you with two thoughts: I wonder how Garrett's cryptic note (under his mother's hospital bracelet no less) saying that April Rose has the proof will pan out; and what will come of Jenna's very matter-of-fact, “I feel a lot safer when I'm in charge of what happens to me” statement to the Liars?

As always, only time will tell. 

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