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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'The Lady Killer'

Emily is caught in the crossfire when Maya's

Emily is caught in the crossfire when Maya's murderer is revealed in "The Lady Killer." Credit: ABC FAMILY

Holy good G-d, what an episode. While this season's finale gave answers, it was also very careful to keep skating around bigger questions.

And while I do want to dive right in about how Emily cannot seem to catch a break, there are a few things that need to be touched on first.

Nate — sorry, Lyndon James — gave us a few signs over the past few episodes that not everything was quite right in his mind; but never did I think that he killed Maya. In fact, the thought of her “stalker” from True North had long been removed from my mind.

I can't blame the girls for having been hot on Paige's trail, but I also can't help being thankful that Nate did intercept her before she was framed as being “A.”

In the end, Caleb's “I've got a gun” bravado only equated to stupidity, and while his intentions were noble I must wonder: how did he find Emily in that lighthouse so quickly and why would he leave a gun lying around without first checking that Landon was dead?

I'm not happy Caleb was shot, but really? Use your brain from time to time.

I loved how Mona simply sauntered out of Radley tonight (as unrealistic as that may be). But like her, I'm sad she didn't have more of a role in tonight's episode. Also – how is it that no one noticed her gone for hours?

Ezra's baby-momma shows up unannounced and alludes to some deeper mystery that Aria does not know about. All these secrets really make it hard to keep up sometimes. How long is Aria really planning on waiting before she tells Ezra that he has a son?

As Hanna and I have said, the longer she waits, the bigger fight it's going to be. And besides that, what does Aria really owe this Maggie? If I were Aria, with so many secrets of my own, I wouldn't be willing to keep a complete stranger's secrets as well.

Garrett's out of jail and I don't care what any nay-sayers think: that smirk only tells me that he's probably still hanging around with the A-team. Oh, Mr. Reynolds, what do you have planned for our little liars? And what will his freedom mean for Jenna and Noel?

Toby's also back – and the sweet love-making moment shared with Spencer is quickly ruined by the first half of this week's A-scene; which takes us to the much speculated about #betrayAl (sorry to use ABC's overplayed word-play hash tag, but it still makes me giggle just a little bit).

Toby is part of the A-team.

It sucks to say, and to read, but let's break this down a bit.

If I were a betting girl, which I am, I would say that Toby's alliance with A is an extraordinarily clever rouse. Think about it – he told Spencer that he would find out on his own about A – and it seems that this might just be his way of doing it.

After all, someone did call Emily (with the same voice distorter) to warn her to get out of the cabin before Lyndon “Nate” James came back. My vote? It was Toby.

On the horizon? A's planning for halloween early, and I'm sure it will promise to be a frightful night for the Liars.

As always, only time will tell. 

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