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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'What Lies Beneath'

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer follow a lead

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer follow a lead about where Maya might have been before her murder in "What Lies Beneath." Credit: ABC FAMILY

“For the record, if you hurt her I will crush your scones.”

Yeah Aria, you tell Mr. Gorgeous the peril his scones will face. But in reality, her mom's new budding relationship is nothing short of adorable with a healthy dash of awkward. Nothing like puppy love all grown up. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Moving on to more pressing matters.

As predicted, Ezra's baby-momma is becoming a larger part of the plot-line, and with it Ezra is becoming increasingly moody and distant. More than once this episode Aria was apologetic, making allowances for Ezra where she didn't need to.

Be careful Miss Aria, after all he should be counting his blessings that you're still with him after keeping a bomb-shell like a baby from you. Just saying.

Wren's lingering was both helpful and annoying this episode, coming to Hanna's aid, while pestering her for more opportunity to lock lips. Really, it's just gross. Find a girl your own age (and this time try not to cheat with her younger sister).

A large majority of this episode centered on Maya, and the who, what, where of her death. I'm relieved (yes, really) that Jenna and Noel were eliminated as suspects in this mess, though they are by no means counted out as members of A's team. They were just entirely too obvious of suspects, and really what fun would that be?

I do, however, consider it completely bizarre that Noel finds it “hot” that the girls think him capable of murder. Can we say disturbed egomaniac much?

Taking Spencer's locker break-in in stride, Noel “anonymously” sends her the proof exonerating himself and Jenna of Maya's murder. Show of hands on who thinks the girls will hand it over to the police? Yeah, I don't either.

Emily and Hanna breaking-and-entering in the Kahn's lake house turns into something of a horror movie, with the two of them getting locked into a back room, power cut off with nothing but a flashlight, knife and baseball bat to help them escape.

These girls need to take a page out of police/military training books and always cover corners and never leave yourself backed into one (or a dingy room as it were). Gosh.

Paige playing coy about seeing Emily and Nate making out is a bit unnerving. She's playing dumb a little too well and is it just me, or was that a hint of deranged lover that I saw in her eye.

This week's A-scene shows that our little murder/ress is making themselves right at home (hanging up their black hoodies JUST so) but can't be bothered to hear about Garrett's trial. Hm, seems as if they may be getting ready for something, but what?

Looking ahead: Wren needs to go away. Period, the end. Ezra needs to ditch the 'tude or Aria needs to ditch him. And lastly, Paige is giving me the serious creeps. A giant eye needs to be kept on her.

With the writers so fond of plot-line curveballs, I wonder who our traitor will really be.

As always, only time will tell. 

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