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'Princesses Long Island' cast unites for Ashlee White after her stroke

Ashlee White, left, and Chanel Omari on an

Ashlee White, left, and Chanel Omari on an episode of Bravo's reality show "Princesses: Long Island." Credit: Bravo

Though the "Princesses: Long Island" reality stars didn't all end the season as BFFs, members of the cast are coming together with well wishes for Ashlee White, who suffered a stroke that hospitalized her Tuesday.

The "Princesses" star, 31, remained in a hospital intensive care unit Wednesday following her third stroke in only two years. Newsday left a message with Ashlee's father, Hal White, Wednesday morning seeking an update on Ashlee's condition and has not yet heard back.

Casey Cohen (Ashlee's closest friend of all the cast members as filming wrapped last summer) tweeted Tuesday evening that Ashlee was "in recovery, alert & re-learning to walk." Newsday called Casey for comment Wednesday afternoon and was unable to reach her.

Putting aside the drama that played out on the show, which had its season one finale Aug. 4 on Bravo, Joey Lauren, Amanda Bertoncini, Chanel Omari, Erica Gimbel and Casey all took to Twitter to offer their best.

". @AshleeWhite23 & I have a complicated friendships.Out of respect, I would like not to comment on her health. I am praying for her & family," Joey wrote Tuesday.

But in a phone interview Wednesday with Newsday, Joey said it's "important to let go of the issues at a time like this."

"I wish her a speedy recovery," she added. "I know she will find her inner strength and recoup quickly."

Chanel, who spoke to Ashlee on the phone Tuesday, said she is "doing a little better," and revealed she plans to visit Ashlee at the hospital Wednesday with her castmates.

"Friendships aren’t perfect, so despite any issues in the past year, my main priority is for her to get well and happy and be the best person she can be," Chanel said via phone.

Ashlee got candid about her health issues during the finale episode, saying she ended up in the hospital after a panic attack following a particularly blown-out fight at an East End winery that was captured on camera. She then revealed that a stroke the previous year left her bedridden for eight months, and affected her short-term memory, speech and mobility. Via Twitter, Ashlee recently told fans she has lupus and has had two strokes.

Amanda said she experienced a flood of various emotions when she heard about Ashlee's latest stroke, especially because the two haven't spoken recently.

"i wish things didn't end on that note," she said in a phone interview. "Maybe this was a lesson for us to put aside all our [issues]... I can't wait to surprise her and see a smile on her face. The best thing is to just spend time with her."

Erica, who says she has not spoken to Ashlee in recent months but texted her well wishes the past couple days, said Wednesday that "no matter what's happened with all of us, at the end of the day we still love and care about each other."

Regretting a comment about "karma" she made on the show after finding out about Ashlee's panic attack, Erica said she wishes she could take it back.

"It was in the moment and I was angry, but I definitely regret that," she said. "Nobody deserves any kind of physical karma."

Surprisingly, after watching how the season ended, Amanda revealed all six "Princesses" hope to mend fences, adding that she, Joey, Erica and Chanel are "extremely close."

"It’s inevitable we will rehash [negative] feelings watching the show, but we’ve all grown, we’re all adults here, we can all say, 'Let’s gain our friendship back,'" Amanda said. "We all want that."

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