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'Princesses Long Island' recap: Erica unravels

Erica Gimbel, one of the cast members of

Erica Gimbel, one of the cast members of the new Bravo TV reality show "Princesses: Long Island," at Great Neck Estates. Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

As it nears the middle of the season, Bravo's "Princesses: Long Island" saw a particularly snooze-worthy episode Sunday night -- not good for a show whose ratings took a nose dive last week for episode three.

With all the preparing for and teasing of Ashlee White's 30th birthday party, I expected that scene to be at least entertaining to watch, but the most interesting part -- hummus crudités served from the waistband of a half-naked guy's tighty-whities -- had already been given away in the previews! Still, I was cringing thinking about the fact that Ashlee's parents were throwing this party and planned that detail. A bit gross on its own, but all the more so when it's your dad encouraging your friends to dip from a server's nether regions. Eww.

Jewish singles' camp could have been fun for Ashlee, Chanel Omari, Joey Lauren and Casey Cohen... if they ever made it there. After a three-hour drive to New Milford, Conn., Ashlee gets a call from the camp saying it has been closed because of a major storm. So they do what any pampered princess would: Head to a dive bar, mingle with the townies (who they would NEVER bring home to their Jewish mothers) and flirt with the bartender. Everyone manages to turn those frowns upside down with a few rounds of shots and some dance-floor raging (you go, Coco!) -- everyone, that is, except Casey, who admittedly is "not the life of the party. I'd rather drink and have fun with myself." What is that? Maybe for the fact that she works at a bar, the atmosphere is not particularly exciting for her, but what a wet blanket. Maybe I'd see her point if she appeared to be actually having some fun sitting isolated at the bar, but it's not the case.

Meanwhile, princesses Erica Gimbel and Amanda Bertoncini party with Amanda's mom, Barbara, during Body English Tuesdays at the Chateau in Carle Place, where Babs is basically a local celebrity. I'm saying it now and I'm sure I'll say it again before the season is over: Babs is by FAR my favorite cast member. With one-liners like, "I'm gonna get so low, I'm gonna go to their basement" how can you not love her?

Harder to embrace, or understand, really, is Erica's behavior that night. What begins as innocent flirting on her part, as well as Amanda's, to score free drinks ends with her leading a guy away from the crowd following a drawn-out conversation about "birthday sex." (It's his birthday.) This is AFTER Amanda reminds her she has a boyfriend. During her confessional filmed after the fact but interspersed throughout the scene, Erica dismisses her actions, saying boyfriend Rob would have no problem with what she's doing and that his trust issues stem from her reputation as "the hot girl" in high school. Erica, at 29 years old, I highly doubt Rob's jealousy comes from a reputation you had more than a decade ago. If he was jealous before seeing you talk to other guys about the thong you carry in your purse, oral sex and a possible sleepover, then you two are going to have some MAJOR issues now. And they're your fault.

Next episode, Chanel and Casey hold the intervention Casey previously expressed she wanted to stage with Erica about her heavy drinking, a problem that's been building throughout the season. I was hoping this would actually happen, both for Erica's sake as well as the entertainment value, since Casey and Erica are still at odds. It promises to be awkward at worst and explosive at best, but will Erica take it seriously?

What do you think? Did Erica cross the line during her night out with Amanda? And do you think she needs an intervention to address her drinking?

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