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'Princesses Long Island' recap: 'Shabbocalypse' and the one-woman show

From left, Joey Lauren, Casey Cohen, Chanel Omari

From left, Joey Lauren, Casey Cohen, Chanel Omari and Amanda Bertoncini talk to Ashlee White during episode 3 of Bravo's "Princesses: Long Island." Photo Credit: Bravo

"Shabbocalypse" now.

That's what Chanel Omari of "Princesses: Long Island" oh-so-fittingly dubs the dramatic altercation that ensues between Casey Cohen and Erica Gimbel at the Shabbat dinner Omari put on for the girls during night one of their Hamptons weekends. It continues into episode 3, with Erica, surprisingly, giving Casey what looks like a heartfelt apology for stealing her boyfriend back in high school, but only after Casey tells her "I want to punch you in the ------- face" during their one-on-one. Gotta appreciate the girl's blatant honesty.

Besides the "Shabbocalypse," here are my favorite moments from the June 16 episode:

- The most awkward brunch ever: Casey, Chanel, Joey Lauren and Ashlee White are enjoying mimosas the morning after (Amanda Bertoncini is busy being fed chicken skewers by boyfriend Jeff at their hotel pool, and Erica is, go figure, too hungover to leave her bed) when they're met by two OK-looking guys, one of whom they kinda-sorta seem to know. The other, Vince, is standing way too close to Casey's face -- you get the visual -- as he drops the most disgusting pick-up lines, including my personal favorite, "You eat your protein now and you can have some Vince protein later." Eww.

- Ashlee calls her parents immediately after meeting a potential suitor: In front of the guy, no less. And I say "suitor" because that's obviously what Ashlee's parents, and, let's be honest, Ashlee, is looking for: A 40-plus Jewish man with "amenities," remember? Well, the Clark Kent lookalike Ashlee begins to flirt with at happy hour looks nowhere near 40 and admits he's not Jewish, but that doesn't keep Ashlee from hastily dialing her dad to  excitedly tell him she just met a guy, and Clark Kent is sitting. right. there. Who does that? Obviously not Joey, who doesn't hesitate to call Ashlee out on it and in not so many words, tell her she just ruined her chances. Maybe not, by the fact that Clark Kent doesn't move from his seat during this whole situation, which is also weird. Someone makes a reference to Santa Claus (huh?), and it's just all very confusing.

- Erica's one-woman show: Obviously still shaken by the Shabbocalypse, Erica proceeds to get blackout drunk when all the Princesses, with two boyfriends in tow, go to a club. In the beginning, it's funny and very reminiscent of the good ol' days of college (Erica went to Indiana University so clearly she knows how to party), but by the end of the night it's sad, scary and a bit difficult to watch. The farthest gone of the bunch since the night began, Erica is annoyed that her boyfriend, Rob, fell asleep in the back of the car upon their arrival back to the house (and he would have stayed there if not for Amanda and Jeff, who drag him inside), and proceeds to pour herself one of the overflowing glasses of wine she is now famous for. When Joey tells her not to drink it, Erica flies off the handle, walking around in a rage before breaking down in tears to Rob -- who now seems stone-cold sober by comparison -- telling him some combination of "I'm tired of being told what to do" and "I'm cracking under pressure." The most frightening part is she decides now is a good time for the two of them to pop some Adderrall. So not safe.

But the best part is when Casey offers to take Erica to Alcoholics Anonymous. Like, what? Casey says something to the effect of "maybe I was sent into her life at this time for this reason," meaning, to save Erica from herself and the alcohol/drug problem she may or may not have. She actually volunteers to take her to an AA meeting. Joey puts it best: "Now she wants to be Erica's sponsor? I can't keep up."

What did you think of "Princesses: Long Island" episode 3? Do you think Erica needs help, or was she just having a rough night?


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