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'Project Runway All Stars' season is all drama

Austin Scarlett attends the cocktail preview for New

Austin Scarlett attends the cocktail preview for New York City Opera's Divas Shop The Opera at W New York - Union Square in Manhattan. (May 10, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

As the first season of "Project Runway All Stars" heads into its third week on the air, designers had one hint about what to expect from the rest of the episodes: drama.

"Drama and cat fights," 27-year-old designer Michael Costello said on Thursday at the Paley Center for Media in Manhattan.

Still, he said for him, the all star season was kinder to him then his own.

"No one picked on me this time," he said smiling. "I picked on a couple of people."

First-time Project Runway judge Isaac Mizrahi had a similar message, calling the season "extremely dramatic."

He said in addition to the drama between the all stars, the drama came from the off-the-wall challenges designers were met with.

For example, in episode three, which airs tonight, the all stars are asked to design a cocktail dress for famous muppet Miss Piggy.

The challenge proves to be too trying for Gordana Gehihausen, and she is then sent home.

Host Angela Lindvall said the time constraints this season is one of the most difficult factor for the designers.

"They have two days or maybe sometimes they only have a few hours," she said. "One of our challenges was only six hours."

The stress of these challenges caused some designers to crack under the pressure, according to designer Mondo Guerra.  

"They really make the challenges as difficult as possible and watch the designers crumble and fall," Guerra said. "And trust me, I crumble and fall a couple times."

Designer Austin Scarlett, of Project Runway's first season, said for reasons like these when he was initially asked to participate in the all star season he said "absolutely not."

He said he changed his mind once he decided to approach the challenges as an opportunity to share his designs with the audience.

"I think I didn't see it that much as a contest," he said of the new season. "It was more of a showase fo me."

So can fans expect another drama-filled all stars season of the design show?

Lindvall said she would definitely would definitely participate if there is.

"I really hope to have the opportunity to do it again," she said. "So far we're getting pretty good ratings, and i think in the next few weeks we'll know whether or not it becomes another season." 

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