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'Project Runway' Episode 5: Cover Girl

"Project Runway" winner Anthony Williams' dress. Heidi Klum will wear his creation on the cover of Marie Clare magazine's April issue. Photo Credit: Lifetime

In what is described as Project Runway’s biggest challenge ever, designers must create a look for a celebrity who will wear it on the cover of the April issue of Marie Claire magazine….huge!  And guess who the celebrity is?  None other than 'Project Runway’s' own Heidi Klum.

Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Cole (no shrinking violet, by the way) lays out the rules: detail should be on the top since the cover is from the waist up, never do black, look should be eye-catching, strong and sexy. 

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OK, so funny man Anthony Williams wins it for his turquoise one-shouldered mini with a kind of asymmetrical ruffle down the front.  Heidi tells him, “I would love to wear your dress…” Anthony says, “Did she just say my name?”

Truth told, we weren’t wowed, but it was cute. We thought Ben Chmura’s “Madame Butterfly on acid” was better though less conventional, and we liked Emilio Sosa’s little red dress with a crisscross detail on the bodice.

Loser could have gone several ways.  Janeane Marie Ceccanti’s weird dress was supposedly inspired by the ocean. Coles said if that were the case, it was a polluted sea with bottles floating around. 

However loser was sweet Anna Lynett, who we think was really out of her league from the start. Her separates, a vest, shorts and blue top were, “three ingredients in a dish that leaves you slightly nauseous,” said Cole. They weren’t all that horrid, but a tad junior as in something your 16-year-old daughter might wear.

The surprise member of the bottom trio was Mila Hermanovski who has won and been in the top three.  Her color-blocked dress could have drained the red from a stop sign it was so dull.  Michael Kors called it “Ace bandage,” and the judges noted that the V-shaped geometry in the dress was pointing toward “her crotch.”  Eww. 

OK Project Runway lovers, today, we’re off to the finale show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park.  It is highly unlikely that producers will introduce designers with the final three collections.  And we are not sure at this point if we’ll be able to recognize the signatures of the designers, but it will be fun to try. 

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