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'Project Runway' Episode 6: Kid Stuff

Well, we’ve been to Fashion Week at Bryant Park all week, and seen 10 (eesh, 10) of the designers’ 10-piece collections (all decoys so we wouldn’t know who was in or out) so it wasn’t a surprise at all that Janeane Marie Ceccanti was eliminated on the program last night.  Her show in the tents was super-bland.

And that was the judge’s beef with her on the challenge when designers had little girls for clients (they were really adorable), and had to create companion pieces for their grown-up models.  Janeane’s simple little orange dress over leggings, and her big girl look – a horrid jacket –were both boring and bargain-basement looking.  She is aufed.

Winner is Seth Aaron Henderson who is a parent, and gets little girls.  His checkered little hoodie with watermelon pockets included a matching purse (his cute little girl loved it) and his model rocked a swank, funnel neck jacket in houndstooth. 

Jonathan Peters is also in the bottom for his petaled grown up dress and little girl matching bolero.   Earlier in the show he admits to being scared of kids, and calls the workspace, “Romper room on crack.”   Michael Kors does not mince words when it comes to his critique calling the looks, “a tornado of toilet paper.” 

Also, surprisingly in the bottom, Amy Sarabi, who really does ugly in a scaly combo of orange, black and blue—horrid on the adult pants.  Heidi Klum says, “It’s hideous. Bizarre.”  But they keep her because…well, she’s really good and her little client likes her ensemble -- tiered skirt and chenille turtleneck.  We think Amy's final collection might be a winner.


Of note: Motor mouth Anthony Williams is safe and in the middle, but at one point, his peers challenge him to keep his mouth shut.  He puts on a bandanna-like gag, and is able to zip it for exactly 14 minutes and 56 seconds.  The longest he says he's ever been quiet.

Tory Burch is guest judge and does a nice job.  We spent a little time with Nina Garcia at Fashion Week, who said the show is so much better in New York.  She can be a witch on the show, but in real life, she’s a doll. 

Photos: Lifetime

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