In what was arguably the most suspenseful episode of the season (this the second to last) Mila Hermanovski and Jay Nicolas Sario duke it out for the remaining finalist slot, the first two being occupied by Emilio Sosa and Seth Aaron Henderson. 

Each is given $9,000 to create a 10-piece collection, as are the established finalists.  Then, they have to choose three standouts to put in front of  judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum. 

Wow, turns out this is a tough call for the gang and they seem to debate it in earnest.  For a moment, we even think it might be possible that both designers will get to go to Fashion Week.  Kors is for Jay, Heidi is for Mila, Nina is on the fence. Kors teaches Heidi and Nina the Yiddish word "ungapatchka," which he uses to describe one of Jay's looks.  It doesn't roll of their tongues easily.

Mila’s black-and-white troika is very sophisticated, well made and somewhat retro.  Jay, on the other hand, is futuristic, tough and urban.  Truth told, we saw them both on the runway, and Jay’s had much more pop than Mila’s.  But, she wins the coveted spot.  Up close on the show, her clothes were really lovely, but on the runway, there was an eh-factor.

Real fun in this episode is Tim Gunn’s home visits, during which he is brutally honest with the designers.  He basically tells Seth to redo his whole collection, or “you will not win this.”  Seth takes it to heart.  Tim meets the family and is forced (talk about must-see TV) to jump on the backyard trampoline with Seth and kids.  He is, to say the least, not meant for jumping and ends up flat on his back.  “The Hendersons are trying to kill me,” he moans.

Mila doesn’t just design in black and white…she lives it in LA in a black-and-white home.  So can you guess what breed her dog Ziggy is?  Natch, Dalmatian.

It’s a tad frosty during the visit between Tim and New Yorker Emilio, who really doesn’t want to listen to what Tim has to say. Emilio's ego seems to have gotten the best of him, and we did not love his collection on the runway. 

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The sweetest scene is with Jay in San Francisco where Tim is invited to dine with Jay’s parents who prepare a gorgeous, authentic Filipino dinner for him.  Whole lotta’ love there. 

Next week, finally…the finale.  Stay tuned. 

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