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Project Runway: The final four (yeah, we said four)

The winning look from the

The winning look from the "Project Runway" April 8 show by Emilio Sosa. Photo Credit: Handout

There are only five designers left competing for finalist status and one of three spots at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park (this happened last February) and the judges can’t whittle it down completely.  

Funny man, Anthony Williams is out -- awww.  

So, in the end it’s Emilio Sosa (the big winner this night) and Seth Aaron Henderson who are definitive picks. 

Heidi and company can’t choose between Jay Nicolas Sario and Mila Hermanovski , so they get to duke it out.  Both will create final collections, but only one will make the televised finale. 

And sorry to tell you people, and we sure could be wrong, but based on what we saw at Fashion Week, well, Jay did better than Mila. (In fact, 10 designers showed to disguise who the true finalists were, so we did see both collections.)

The last challenge before fashion week is fun:  create a high-end runway look inspired by Ringling Brother’s Barnum and Bailey circus.  To help them with their vision, there’s a special show just for the designers featuring natch, a ringmaster, jugglers, clowns and aerialists.

Seth and Mila embraced the ringmaster theme with quirky striped coats – Seth’s had an “Alice In Wonderland,” vibe with a gravity- defying collar.  It topped red leather pants that Michael Kors said, had,  “a crazy crotch that might fit a gentleman.”  Eesh. 

Mila’s coat was more abstract, and fuchsia pants were a bit weird.
Jay’s cute ensemble was a bit safe said the judges, but his cropped, fitted, red jacket with gold brocade over great, slightly slouched pants were cool.

Poor Anthony was riveted by a blue clad aerialist at the circus, so he chose the shade but got much flack for his polyester fabric pick.  Kors, who said the gown looked like “a big, blue condom, actually got up to feel it, almost wretching after figuring out it was polyester.   It’s true that Anthony’s work this night wasn’t nearly as good as the rest, but from a personality standpoint, he was the show’s bright light.

Best for last -- Emilio Sosa’s beautiful, perfectly crafted ball gown of stripes and dots.  The fit was flawless, the construction, well, pretty amazing.  Kors said, “It was my favorite garment of the season.” That’s some serious praise.

Too bad that Emilio wasn’t a touch more humble.  His bluster and swagger throughout this episode was unappealing, and has us rooting for others to take the win.  And P.S We did not particularly like his final collection. 

Caption: Left, Emilio Sosa's winning dress and right, the losing dress by Anthony Williams. Courtesy of Lifetime.

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