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Rihanna, Chris Brown following each other

This A-list couple split in February 2009 and

This A-list couple split in February 2009 and though they were never married, Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship created enough drama to last a lifetime. Photo Credit: WireImage Photo

Well it seems that now that the distance limitations have been lessened by the courts, Rihanna and Chris Brown have decided to start following each other…on Twitter. The two former lovebirds began following each other on Saturday, and it didn’t sit well with one of Rihanna’s faithful followers.

Rihanna is known for being extremely candid about how she feels about people trying to come at her in a way she doesn’t like. She definitely let one of her followers have it for criticizing the fact that she and Brown are now connecting via Twitter.

Her follower, @stan4Rihanna, tweeted “I never thought you would go back to him! You better not, its your life but you do have ppl that look up to you. e.g young girls.” RiRi replied to her fan as only she can by tweeting, “its ------- twitter, not the alter! Calm down.”

It is true that it is only Twitter, but according to the two have also exchanged over a dozen direct messages with each other within the short time they started to follow one another.

I don’t think that following another person on Twitter confirms that the two will get back together or that they are even thinking about it. It could quite possibly mean that they have decided to remain cordial because, despite all the drama, they both proclaimed how much they loved the other while the relationship was good.

What makes this connection so interesting is that in the April 2011 cover story for Rolling Stone magazine, Rihanna stated, "It doesn't mean we're gonna make up or even talk again. . . . We don't have to talk ever again in my life," when asked about why she agreed to the restraining order restrictions being decreased.

These two are young and it’s their lives, therefore whatever decisions they make in terms of keeping in touch with each other is up to them.

It is a bit of a coincidence that they are now publicly connecting a few months after they both requested that the distance restrictions be lifted. Does this mean that they were still secretly in touch with each other before the judge granted their request?

This has a way of being a positive for Brown and a negative for RiRi. It could be a positive for Brown because despite all of the anger that has been directed toward him since the incident, Rihanna is still fine with keeping in touch with him and obviously defends their communication.

Domestic violence is a major issue and many young girls look up to Rihanna. Could this be viewed as a bad decision that sends a wrong message to her young fans?

What do you think?


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