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Good Evening

Robert Pattinson trying to quite smoking

Robert Pattinson, kicking your smoking habit is the best decision you could make. You are just too good-looking for such a nasty -- and deadly -- habit. Plus, now that you're taking on so many action roles and shooting in locations such as Iraq ("Mission: Blacklist") and Australia ("The Rover"), smoking would make doing stunts harder on your body, which needs to be in peak shape right now. You're also being a great role model for your fans and it will definitely pay off in your health and your career.

-- Bonnie FullerBonnie Fuller is president and editor-in-chief of and the former editor of Star, Us Weekly, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines.Emmys' Monteith tribute

Emmy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich told's sister site Deadline that "something that reflects an homage" to Cory Monteith is being planned for the Sept. 22 telecast. In addition to the usual "In Memoriam" segment at the Emmys, Ehrlich said that a separate tribute involving Monteith and music is being discussed.

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