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Sandra Bullock and the Oscar-Razzie double double

Actress Sandra Bullock is nominated for an Academy

Actress Sandra Bullock is nominated for an Academy Award for best actress for her work in "The Blind Side." She already won the Golden Globe for this role. Photo Credit: AP

Popular sentiment floating around the office, and likely other offices, on Tuesday was "How the [expletive of your choosing] did Sandra Bullock land a Best Actress Oscar nomination?"

Never mind that it was for "The Blind Side," a nice little movie with a happy message. The idea that Bullock, perceived by many moviegoers as an average actress with a history of "Demolition Man"-esque movies on her resume, could score the honor from both the hoity and the toity folks of the Motion Pictures Academy is pure lunacy.

Maybe so, but I kinda liked her as "Ro-ark" in "A Time to Kill."

But for those Sandy haters out there, take comfort. She was also nominated this year for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her work in the forgettable-and-I-didn't even-see-it flick "All About Steve."

That is the rarest of double doubles right there, my friends.

Here's hoping Bullock wins both awards, just because there's a chance she'll drop a Razzie bomb in her Oscar acceptance speech. That would make us laugh, you too?

She's actually the early leader in the clubhouse for the Best Actress award.

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