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Seinfeld crashing the Kentucky Derby?

Not quite. But on Twitter today, the masses have taken to the hashtag "#Seinfeldderbyhorsenames" to post clever Seinfeld references that translate well to the Kentucky Derby.

It seems that ESPN personality Trey Wingo has taken the lead in the Twittering, running off about 15 horse names in succession at one point. (You can see Wingo's tweets here ... he's a must-follow if you're into sports, the NFL, or pop culture.)

From what we've seen, here are the five best suggestions from the Twitterverse, with the links to their respective YouTube Seinfeld clip:

5: Junior Mint
4: Mulva
3: DelBocaVista
2: Serenity Now

And, best of all:

1: "I choose NOT to run" (video below)

What gets your vote for the best Seinfeld-inspired Derby horse name?

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