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Shark Week 2013 promises more special segments than ever before

A Great white shark breaching out of the

A Great white shark breaching out of the water in False Bay, South Africa. Credit: Discovery Channel

It seems to be all things Snuffy the Seal this Shark Week -- especially in the Discovery Channel's latest commerical. It shows a fake newscast where the washed-up seal was released into the water for his "triumphant return," which was interrupted by a great white. 

Shark Week 2013 begins Aug. 4 at 8 p.m. Historically, this week has never been good for seals. However, Discovery seems to be focusing quite a bit on Snuffy. The channel's Shark Week page includes Snuffy-related merchandise, videos and tweets about the little guy. This marketing technique seems to be a distraction from the fact that this year's event is going to be bigger than ever. 

This year, according to a Discovery press release, viewers will see "the most premiere hours ever featured in the 26-year-history of the event." The annual marathon will add three more shark specials than last year's, totaling 11 for 2013.

Viewers can look forward to “Shark After Dark” talk show airing nightly, a first for the event, featuring surprise guests, experts, survivors and more. Then it’s a case of deja vu with “Return of Jaws,” chronicling great white activity in waters off Cape Cod. Rather than re-creations, "I Escaped Jaws" will combine shark survivors’ stories with actual attack footage (another first for the marathon). As expected, Discovery will pay homage to the most furious creatures with "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives," exploring if this 60-foot fish really is extinct. 

Fear not all of you Jaws-loving, shark-breaching watchers. The seal is not stealing the show. 

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