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Should Mo'Nique shave her legs for the Oscars?

From left, Barbara Walters and actress Mo'Nique on

From left, Barbara Walters and actress Mo'Nique on the last installment of the Oscar Night edition of "The Barbara Walteres Special" will air on Sunday, March 7 immediately following the Academy Awards on the west coast) on the ABC Television Network. The special has aired for the past 29 years on Oscar Night and will also feature a comprehensive retrospective of past guests. Photo Credit: ABC

On Oscar night, Mo'Nique will be vying for best supporting actress for her role in the movie "Precious." Will she win her first Oscar? We don't know for sure, but one thing is certain ... she won't shave those hairy legs!

Yes, Mo'Nique has hairy legs and she's proud of them. She was recently spotted showing off her furry legs at the Golden Globes and was unapologetic about them during an appearance on "The View." She explained to Barbara Walters, "I must show America what a real leg looks like . . . because it's too much in the morning, every morning, to shave, to cut, you got Band-aids baby," she said.

I'd understand if she chose not to shave her legs during the winter because no one will see them. But wouldn't you at least consider shaving your legs on one of the most important nights of your acting career? Or is it OK to go against the grain?

I asked the ladies in our Pet Rock offices for their opinion on this hair-raising issue:

Martha: No, that's gross especially if you are going out to a fancy event. Even if I'm wearing pants and no one is going to see them but me, I can't do it. But to each their own. I heard she says her man likes it like that! Then again, didn't she also say she gives her man a free pass to sleep with other women?

Anne: On seeing the picture of Mo'Nique and Barbara Walters, at first i was alarmed. But then I had a change of heart. There's something almost liberating about the fact that a major star walks around unapologetically with very hairy legs! She's confident, she looks good... but what will happen at the Oscars? And is this a statement on her part or just laziness or neither, a non-issue in her mind.

Jessica: Not shaving is absolutely fine, as long as you don't wear a dress, fancy shoes and appear on television.

What do you think? Should Mo'Nique shave her legs for the Oscars? Click here to leave a comment.

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