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Sneak peek at 2010 Super Bowl commercials

TACO BELL: Basketball star Charles Barkley rhymes about

Basketball star Charles Barkley rhymes about everything diners can get in the NBA 5 Buck Box. (Image from 2009 Taco Bell Super Bowl ad)

Wings? Check. Party invites? Check. Ice-cold beer? Check and check. With the big game nearly upon us, the preparations for Sunday's Super Bowl rumble in Miami between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are coming to an end.  But what about the commercials -- the real reason a lot of us tune in the game?

PHOTOS: Sneak peeks at 2010's Super Bowl ads

This year has been full of drama when it comes to the selection process for appropriate advertisements. CBS rejected an ad for the gay dating site, “Man Crunch” that featured two men kissing -- but acceped an anti-abortion ad featuring star Florida QB Tim Tebow, by the conservative group Focus on the Family.

Of those Super Bowl ads that DID get accepted, the video game called Dante’s Inferno by Electronic Arts had to agree to change its ”Go to Hell” motto to a more family friendly, “Hell Awaits.” Check out the final version that both parties agreed upon: 

Another Super Bowl favorite is the commercials. Since its debut of Super Bowl advertisements in 2005, the Web hosting company has made its mark within the advertising world with its racy marketing. This year is no different. The company has bought two 30-second slots to air in the first and fourth quarters. It leaked onto the Internet and we found it:  

A not-so-controversial commercial will get the hearts of every quidditch fan racing. That's right, Universal Studios is giving a first look into the magical world of its "Harry Potter" attraction that is opening this spring. Grab your wand, readjust your glasses and call your owl into the room, you'll enjoy this exclusive look into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter....

Vikings fans were hoping to see their quarterback during the Super Bowl for longer than 30 seconds. However, thanks to some bad throws, that didn't happen. Hyundai quenches the thirst of all Brett Favre fans out there by naming him 2020's MVP. Watch their $3-million attempt to sell more cars: 

Last but not least is the annual Doritos Super Bowl commercial challenge. Six finalists have racked their brains and sharpened their funny bones to create this year's laugh-out-loud nacho cheesy ad campaigns. Observe the latest talent of marketing genius...

PHOTOS: Sneak peeks at 2010's Super Bowl commercials

Still can't get enough Super Bowl commercials?  Though all the ads haven't leaked, we conjured up the list of ALL the commercials to be aired on Sunday. If you want to be in the know, continue reading....

Anheuser-Busch will not say how much time the company bought, but like every year, expect numerous commercials. Last year it had 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Audi of America  has one 60-second spot airing in the last quarter of the game. Fans of the band, Cheap Trick, will be stoked to hear one of their songs in the commercial promoting Audi's green car of the year. 

Boost Mobile used their $2.6 million for one spot with a “nostalgic feel to it.”

Bridgestone has one ad in the first quarter and one in the break of the third quarter. Not to mention the company is sponsoring the halftime show, which is starring The Who. will have a full minute before halftime to convince people to buy another car, even though the Cash for Clunkers program has come and gone. 

Careerbuilder has one commercial after the halftime show, which debuts its first-ever contest winner. The “Hire My TV Ad” contest won't be as funny as the Doritos challenge, but here's hoping...

Chrysler’s Dodge has a full-minute commercial with “a message of irreverence.”

Coca-Cola is playing the same cards as Anheuser-Busch. It is keeping info about its plans under wraps. Although, since Pepsi won't be advertising this year, Coke won't have to try as hard.

Denny’s is going to have a 60-second ad that may repeat its giveaway from last year. 

Pop-Secret  will have a commercial in the last quarter. Believe it or not, this entertainment food staple will be making its first debut within the roundup of Super Bowl advertising. Rumor has it the ad will be animated.

Dockers will have one spot during the second quarter. Khakis will indeed be a part of this 30-second ad.

Dr. Pepper  has bought its very first ad during the Super Bowl...second quarter, to be exact.  Dr. Love, Gene Simmons, will make another appearance as the soft drink's promoter.

E-Trade had a big hit last year with the baby talking about the stock market. Be prepared to see this again.

HomeAway Are you a fan of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Great. Then you'll love this commercial from a new online vacation booking company making its debut on the ad list for the Super Bowl.

Honda will have an ad after the halftime show. We will be introduced to the Accord Crosstour.

Kia has one 30-second commercial during the third quarter. 2011 will be bringing us a new Sorento.

kgb  is the new answering service for those who HAVE to know now. Text them a question, but not what their Super Bowl ad will show. They are keeping it under wraps.

Mars better-known as the company that makes M&Ms, Mars spent its millions of dollars on a secret commercial.

Monster will have its usual one spot during the game. No details have been shared.

Motorola is another company keeping its commercial plans under lock and key.

NFL  apparently doesn't have enough time during the three-hour game. Therefore, they have two spots. One is 30 seconds; the other is 60.

Teleflora has another ad this year. This is it's second annual showing at the game. It is very likely they will talk about preparing for Valentine's Day. 

TRUTV may be competition to CBS, however, that won't stop it from promoting its newest show during the second quarter.

U.S. Census Bureau bought a 30-second ad somewhere in the third quarter. Since it is 2010, that means the counting has begun. The bureau must be going to remind everyone to fill out their forms so they won't be left out of the count. 

Dove may be known for its women's line of products, but it will be switching up the game and talking directly to the men this year.

Universal Pictures has a lot of trailers to debut. Look out for "Robin Hood," "Despicable Me," etc. 

Paramount Pictures has a collection of three commercials to air. The movies? "Shutter Island," "Iron Man 2" and "The Last Airbender" by M. Night Shayamalan.

Volkswagen  will have one ad during the third quarter, most likely trying to sell you a car.

Walt Disney Pictures can afford numerous spots, but doesn't specify just how many it bought. But it is definitely in the lineup.

Taco Bell finishes out this list with yet another secret it will not reveal. No details have been leaked on how this "authentic" Mexican restaurant will have us running for the border.

Well, there you have it ... now you can show off your ESP to all your friends during the commercial breaks by predicting what will come next. To watch your favorite Super Bowl commercials over and over, stay tuned to

PHOTOS: Sneak peeks at 2010's Super Bowl commercials

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