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Somber Tiger Woods: I still expect to win the Masters

Tiger Woods addresses members of the media during

Tiger Woods addresses members of the media during a press conference prior to the 2010 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 5, 2010 in Augusta, Georgia. Credit: Getty/Harry How

PHOTOS: Tiger Woods during his news conference, and practicing at the Masters

2:36P.M.: News conference is over. Check back soon for the take from our Mark Herrmann, who was in the room.

2:35 P.M.: Tiger understands why sponsors dropped him. He was not representing them like he should have.

It turns back to golf. "It's been amazing the amount of hugs I've gotten from the guys," says Woods. He is very surprised about how well he has been received.

Tiger says if he qualifies he would love to play in the Ryder Cup. Tiger says he says looking forward to that first tee shot is fun.

2:30 P.M.: A reporter wants to know why Tiger left so many loose ends with text messages and other things of that nature, did you want to get caught.

Tiger answers that he acted "despicably." Tiger says realizing "the full magnitude of it is pretty brutal."

A reporter wants to know what is his legacy now? Tiger touches on what his dad taught him about helping others and he didn't realize that until his treatment.

Tiger is asked about his intentions for golf. Tiger talks about oh this event and all the other tragic events of his life put things in perspective. If he wins another championship than so be it. It's all about being a better man.

2:25 P.M.: A reporter asks Tiger if his family has played a part in his comeback. Tiger only says he has had a lot of support bur doesn't name names. Tiger says his wife is not coming to the Masters this weekend.

"I've lied and deceived a lot of people." Once again he touches on the tremendous amount of support he has had.

2:20 P.M.: More questions about prescription drug-use. Tiger states he took Ambien, especially after his dad dies.

Tiger says his knee is strong, explosive and able to train like he did years ago.

Tiger states he was in rehab for 45 days and has come out a much better person coming out than he was going in. He says he is going to continue treatment in rehab.

More Galea questions. Tiger says he went to him because he was considered the best for the treatment he offered (PRP).

A reporter asks about the "entitlement" statement. "The way I was thinking was not correct... I was rationalizing, I was denying."

2:14 P.M.: A reporter asks about Dr. Anthony Galea. Tiger states he has never taken anything illegal like HGH. The only treatment he had from Galea was PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), which Tiger explains is a blood spinning treatment.

Tiger says he is not nervous about the news conference, but "Definitely more nervous" about practicing for the Masters, but a little bit different due to what has transpired.

2:10 P.M.: A reporter asks about his communication with spongers. Tiger says he did speak with them, but his main concern was to spend time with his family.

Tiger says it was hard to look at himself in a way he never had to.

Questions about his golf playing. "He says he has " made a conscious decision to calm down my negative outbursts." Tiger says he will acknowledge the fans more and have more respect for the fans and games.

2:03 P.M.: Tiger opens the conference about the encouragement the fans gave him earlier today on the gold course. He asks the players to be left alone going forward with any questions about his life. "I'm ready to compete and I'm really excited to compete." Questions start.

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VIDEO: Woods arrives at Augusta

Poor New York Mets -- overshadowed for so long by the Yankees -- they open their season today right before Tiger Woods's much-anticipated 2 p.m. news conference at the Masters.

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Our Mark Herrmann will be one of the 207 media members at the news conference, and we'll stream the entire confrence live here on

It's anyone's guess as to what questions Tiger will face, or how much of a media circus it'll be. Tiger previously was intereviewed by ESPN and the Golf Channel in one-on-one meetings last month.

However, the golfer is not in control this time around. There will be no script that he can read from and reporters will have as much time as needed, according to The Associated Press.

It will be interesting to see how many questions there will be about his personal life, the sometimes-negative reaction of his fellow golfers, his expectations for the fans, and, of course, his expectations for his performance at the Masters.

Woods' return to golf began Sunday at Augusta when he played a practice round. He also had a practice session earlier Monday before 500 fans.

Golf is expecting its biggest TV audience ever this week, as all eyes will be on Tiger to see if he can still dominate the game that has brought him immense fame and wealth.

PHOTOS: Tiger at the Masters | Woods' crash, the women and the aftermath | Woods, Elin and their family | Woods' public apology

VIDEO: Woods arrives at Augusta

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