It might be long overdue, but "South Park" has finally taken it's satirical fight to social networking. Facebook, Farmville, and Chatroulette were hit with a bevy of zingers that might make you think twice about  chronically updating your Facebook status. 

Dubbed "You Have Zero Friends," the episode follows Stan who is forced to be sucked into Facebook (literally and figuratively); Kyle who obsesses with enlarging his friends list; Kip, a newcomer who has only one friend, his BFF, who happens to be only on facebook; Cartman, who does a hilarious Mad Money's Jim Cramer impression via a podcast. 

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But it is Stan's real world interaction with his friends, family, and random strangers that really sets the pace of the episode. Especially hirlarious are the short snippets girfriend Wendy, who obsseses over comments posted on Stan's wall, and accuses Stan of keeping his "relationship status" to single, so he can meet other girls online.

There's also a sweet icing on this cake -- a Tron refrence!

The episode ranks up there in best-of-all-time with Chicken Lover and World of Warcraft.

Check out the full episode in high defintion here.