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Stefan Serie, Merrick teacher, resigns after cameo on 'Princesses Long Island' reality show

Ashlee White, left, and Chanel Omari on an

Ashlee White, left, and Chanel Omari on an episode of Bravo's reality show "Princesses: Long Island." Credit: Bravo

Flaunting a set of rock-hard abs on reality TV can apparently lead to losing your job if you're a middle-school teacher on Long Island.

Stefan Serie, a health teacher at Merrick Avenue Middle School, was coerced into resigning following a shirtless appearance on the premiere episode of Bravo's controversial show "Princesses: Long Island," Serie says in a story on the New York Daily News website.

According to the report, school officials said Serie, 30, had quit his job. The story provides no other details from the school, though Serie says he lost his tenure before quitting his $75,000-per year job.

Serie, who reportedly has been a teacher for eight years, appears in a pool party scene at the end of the "Princesses" pilot that aired June 2, taking off his shirt in a fleeting clip, and chatting with the show's cast members and others at the party.

“I was an ancillary character in the background,” he told the Daily News of the scene, in which he is not shown doing anything illegal.

“The behavior of the cast members was not something I wanted to be a part of moving forward," Serie said regarding to the drink-throwing, expletive-spewing fight that ended the soiree.

Serie reportedly plans to attend a rally Wednesday night with parents and other supporters calling for his reinstatement.

“I didn’t do anything that I would tell my students not to do,” he said.

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