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Stories I want to read in 2011

Miley Cyrus poses on the red carpet

Miley Cyrus poses on the red carpet prior to the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid. (Nov. 7, 2010) Credit: Getty

Now that you've had some time to full digest our 2010 entertainment year in review, along with those from elsewhere around all these Internets, let's begin focusing on 2011.

These are not predictions for 2011. These are not inside scoops into the happenings of 2011. Rather, these are just some story lines we'd really like to see unfold in 2011. Feel free to leave your own ideas for stories you'd like to come across in the next year in the comments section below.

These aren't in headline form, or crawl-on-the-bottom-of-your-TV-screen format either. Just some thoughts, in no particular order.

1) "Lindsay Lohan stars in a new movie, and it's very good."

2) "A three-day, six six-pack weekend bender reduces 'The Situation' to a four-pack."

3) "Congress passes 28th Amendment banning reality television."

4) If No. 3 fails us, perhaps "VH1 announces that 'Basketball Wives' will begin to actually include women married to basketball players."

5) "On-screen daily counter added to CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and Fox News for every time they say 'Democrat' and 'Republican'; Vegas sportsbooks begins taking bets on those over/unders."

6) "Katy Perry's boobs go on vacation."

7) "Movie studios collude to ban 3-D movies from making it to major theaters for the next five years."

8) "It's been six months, and Miley Cyrus hasn't done something to induce the wrath of parents."

9) "FCC and Congress pass legislation that makes use of the word 'Snooki' an offense worthy of heavy fines."

10) "HBO's 'Entourage' ends eight-year run with its best season ever."

11) "Network television earns Emmy nominations and wins Emmy Awards."

12) "Tracy Morgan asked to leave '30 Rock' as producers cite lack of character development."

13) "America has spoken: 'We don't care if you're gay or straight, just keep making good music, television, movies, etc.'"

14) "The 'Top Gun' sequel is just a myth, a rumor, an Internet hoax."

15) "Twitter hasn't fake-killed a celebrity in more than a week!"

16) "Mel Gibson's new movie, 'The Beaver,' opens in theaters March 23 and is dropped by movie houses on March 24."

I'm sure there are more. That's just off the top of my head here. Think back to the stories that annoyed you this past year and rewrite the future in the comments.

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